Monday, April 20, 2009


For many years we have looked to Julia for daily piggy inspiration and now she moves on to inspire us in other ways. 
When the going gets tough, the tough find an art teacher. We are happy that even in these economic times people are still appreciating art, custom bike frames, and extra virgin olive oil. Julia is marching to her true calling, that of art, and besides teaching classes at a local college, she is teaching privately, all the while creating some pretty amazing pieces of her own... 
What does this mean for us? A happy farewell to our resident artist, Julia, and a new home for the mail.

Please note that our office/mailing address is now in Boulder, so please send your fan mail to:
Cinghiale Cycling Tours, Inc.
961 6th St.
Boulder, CO 80302
Elaine will be doing her best to fill in where Julia left off, so please send questions, comments and concerns to complaints still get sent to Andy.

A heartfelt thank you to Julia for all that she has done here at Cinghiale; she has been present every step of the way... and she will be missed!

We hope you all are enjoying some spring riding!
~The Cinghiale Crew

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