Sunday, August 23, 2009

I bike. You bike. New Yorkers bike too.

A favorite sunday tradition of our family is to crowd around the computer for the New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham's "On the Street" multimedia display of life and fashion of the week in NYC. Now, I know it's not NYC bike snob, but Cunningham is a fabulous guy who rides a bike around the city snapping photos of things he likes... and this week it was about the cyclists.... here's the link and cheers to the cyclists!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Check it out!

See what Cinghiale Alum, Buzz Yancich, has to say about riding the Italian Alps and Dolomites with Andy @ italiancyclingjournal. Great words Buzz!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hot Off the Press! The new edition of Andy racing over the snowy Gavia Pass in the 1988 Giro d'Italia is now available for purchase. A big shout out to HampCo's pal Rich Roat of House Industries for making this oldie more groovy! Rich and his staff cut short their rides to tell the whole story by superimposing the stage profile. Photo was taken on the uphill where we can read 2390 near the summit. The 25k descent to Bormio is where the time gaps opened. Andy has been heard muttering "Once I passed Santa Caterina the snow turned back to rain, hard to say which was worst.."
Image is 16"/22" on heavy archival paper. Great for framing or the fridge.

$35 (includes US shipping... see below for shipping options)
signed editions available too... just indicate that you would like a signed poster in the drop down menu below.

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